Mission Statement

“Brother Rice High School is a Catholic, college preparatory school dedicated to the development of faith, character and brotherhood of young men for success in life.”

Warriors Code

A Warrior reaches for a goal knowing any goal is within his reach, yet he remains steadfast in the knowledge that any goal he seeks is a sacred personal trust, a vow on which he will never turn back, never give up.
A Warrior realizes many have the will to achieve a successful end but only very few possess the will to work for the achievement of the end. He knows progress toward the successful end lies in the discipline of endeavor, and he knows the crucial key to discipline lies in his own positive state of mind.
A Warrior knows the value of discipline because he has found no goal can be achieved without sacrificing mind and body in concentrating his entire energies to a successful end.
A Warrior stands proud in quiet determination; he is proud of the price he has paid for the progress he has made, quiet because he is aware of the price of further progress, and determined to pay any price to attain his goal.
A Warrior respects every obstacle blocking his success for the treat it poses, but he fears none of these threats.
A Warrior is gratified by his accomplishments, yet sobered by the realization that complacency will render him stagnant, unproductive.
A Warrior is somber in his setbacks yet encouraged by the challenge that the greater achievement lies not in never falling but in rising again after he falls.
A Warrior is confident yet humble because he knows it is not just a game he is playing. It is a life he is living, and the true score lies not in what he accomplishes but in what he learns.

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