1974  Greatness cannot be achieved without discipline

1975  Contentment With past accomplishments

Stifles Future Achievements

1976  You never fail until you stop trying

1977  Do it better than it’s ever been done before

1978  How good do you want to be?

1979  Never, never give up

1980  The difference between good and great

is a little Extra Effort

1981  The harder you work, The harder It Is To surrender

1982  Life’s battles don’t always Go To A stronger Or faster man, But To The Man Who Thinks He Can

1983  Be The Best That You Can Be

1984  Commitment To Excellence

1985  Do Things Right The First Time

1986  The Price Of Greatness Is Responsibility

1987  Believe It

1988  Whatever It Takes

1989  I Think I Can

1990  Count On Me

1991  Pain Is Temporary-Victory Is Forever

1992  Attitude

1993  Ever To Excel

1994  Character, Discipline, Team, Tradition

1995  Unity Is Strength

1996  Keep Fighting

1997  Carpe Diem

1998  Stay Strong

1999  The Power Of Teamwork

2000  Attitude Is Everything

2001  Uphold The Tradition

2002  Together We Stand

2003  We Can Do it

2004  Victory Begins In The Heart

2005  Make A Difference

2006  Play With Passion

2007  As You Believe, So You Become

2008  Preparing To Be The Best

2009  Believe

2010  Stay Strong- State Forte

2011  Anything Is Possible

2012  Never Give Up

2013  Honor Our Tradition

2014  Carry On

2015   Be the One

2016   We Will

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