I am a Brother Rice Warrior.

I am a man who knows what excellence is and what it takes
to reach it.

I know that in order to win, I must dedicate myself through
self-discipline and learn over and over again the meaning of Pride, Endurance, and Desire.

I truly understand that achieving goals means a constant awareness of my will in paying the price.

I have proven to myself, through training, that battles and victories go to a man who believes in himself.

I realize also that preparing myself with everything I have in me, and doing things better than I have ever done them before…these are the essentials of greatness.

I know what it means and what it is to be a champion.

I understand that achieving greatness is an ever present challenge and meeting these challenges mean sacrifice, perseverance, and complete dedication again, and again, and again.

Finally, with encouragement through God, I pledge to live life to its fullest in order that I can live up to the courage and bravery of a true Warrior.

Coach Al Fracassa
September 12, 1973

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